• 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • 500 ml
  • Durable & Designed to last
  • Food Grade Material
  • BPA Free
  • Hot for 12 Hours
  • Cold for 24 Hours



  • When a person switches to using a reusable water bottle, around 217 plastic water bottles will be saved from going to a landfill that year. Not only do they save you a lot of money and help the environment, but they are also a healthier option as opposed to plastic water bottles. By switching to a reusable water bottle, you can save hundreds of dollars and lower your impact on the environment.


Why reusable bottles?

  • In the United States alone, approximately 42.6 billion plastic water bottles are purchased each year
  • 1,500 disposable water bottles are consumed every second
  • Microplastics, which are little resin pellets that break off larger pieces of plastics, find their way into fresh water sources
  • Water bottles aren't recycled properly, and as a result, they’re piling up in landfills. It could take up to 1,000 years for them to fully decompose, and when they do, the particles end up in the soil
  • The emissions from manufacturing water bottles and transporting them to grocery stores is extremely harmful to the environment. The more that are produced, the more toxins end up in the air


    Insulated Stainless Steel Reusable Water Bottle