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Slaughterhouse Vigils in Scotland

During the past few days, I had the opportunity to join Scottish activists holding vigils outside two slaughterhouses near Edinburgh and Glasgow.

At the first one, we could only stop 3-4 trucks but the openings were so high we could not see the cows well. However, even though we didn't see any trucks at the second one, we managed to go around the slaughterhouse and document as much as we could.

The workers had very loud music on, probably to keep their minds busy and cancel out the screams of the animals as they get killed, we could see the pipe where all the blood was coming out from, the containers in which the organs would fall in as they are not ''fit for human consumption'' and even the plastic bags filled with the skin of the cows that would later on be sent to processing plants to make leather.

However, probably the most disturbing part of all of this is the fact that right NEXT to the slaughterhouse there was a field filled with cows. It was disturbing to see these beautiful gentle beings living their lives next to the building where they will be killed in a few years. Needless to say, they can very easily hear the screams and smell death...

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