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Humbling experience with Sheep farmer in Denmark

I am now in Denmark after having spent 10 days in Germany where I joined Anonymous for the Voiceless in Cologne with a cube and also 3D virtual reality glasses that people were putting on to see how it's like to be an animal in a farm/slaughterhouse. After that I gave my workshop Learning from previous struggles at the Hambach Forest Occupation that protects a 12000 year old forest from a mining company that wants to destroy it.

I am currently working on a short documentary about that amazing place and can't wait to share with you all!

Saturday morning I gave the same speech with a second part about Vegan Advocacy, after which we went and had a cube of truth with the Anonymous for the Voiceless team of Copenhagen

During the Cube I had a conversation with the man you see taking a photo with his phone! 

After the man took a photo of the activists, I had a conversation with this couple. - Is it the first time you see these images? - Not really, I'm a sheep farmer - Oh... How many sheep do you have? - Around 5, I sell the lambs - Oh ok, and how does that make you feel? - Horrible. - How come? - It's just not a nice thing to do or to enjoy - Have you thought about finding a more ethical way of making a living? - Yes, and I will. Times are changing, this will change so I will have to change sooner or later; which is why I'm happy you guys are doing this, concentrate on the demand, the demand is the problem.


I will share more photos and videos with you soon! Tomorrow I will head to Horsenswhere we will have a slaughterhouse Vigil outside a company that kills 100.000 pigs per week, and the day after I will join another Anonymous for the voiceless group in the city of Odense.

I'm really happy with the way things are going and how fast activism is growing everywhere and I'm forever grateful for all your support in this fight.

I couldn't do this without your help!

Thank you for everything.

Until all cages are empty!


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