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Anonymous for the Voiceless Barcelona 1 year Anniversary

Yesterday we had the most amazing cube of truth event in Barcelona ever since we started last year on the 4th of August 2017!

Groups from all around Spain: Madrid, Casteldefels, Granollers, Tarragona, Terrassa, Tenerife, Cáceres, and other international activists from San Francisco, Copenhagen, Hannover, Krakow and Vienne joined our team for 4 hours, spreading the vegan message in one of the most touristic spots in Barcelona, having 455 conversations where the bystanders took veganism seriously !

Our total is 50 events in one year, impacting the lives of around 5579 people in total!

Thank you for all your support!

Today we will start our 5 days long vigil outside a slaughterhouse near Barcelona!

until every cage is empty,


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