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A moment of hope and change

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share a beautiful moment from our last outreach event on Saturday right outside Barcelona!

During our Cube of Truth I saw a group of students, around 13 to 15 year old. I approached two of them and asked what they think about what they were seeing on the screens. Immediately, all of the group made a circle around me, I was expecting at least a couple of jokes or laughs but there were none.

After explaining veganism and speciesism I asked, if they were against bullfighting, they all nodded, I followed with “has any of you had a burger recently?”, most of them looked down with an “oh...”, or shaking their heads, realizing their double standards. The same way they kill the bull for tradition or pleasure, we exploit cows and other animals for tradition and pleasure. They all nodded in agreement.

I then asked if they have heard about humane slaughter; How do you humanely kill someone? A young girl next to me said : “you just don’t.”

They were so thirsty for education and information, I asked who wants a card to watch documentaries with their parents at home, and learn more about veganism, and their hands started reaching out from all around.

The children are the future. 

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