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Ethics Over Habits is an activist-run initiative working toward a more just and sustainable world!

All our products are made in Indonesia by small, local family owned businesses that we visit and work with to make sure the support is going to the small communities rather than big companies. Most of our suppliers are businesses owned by local women and have workshops of 2 to 6 people.

This also means that the products are only shipped once. From place of production straight to your door, without making stops at any other place. This helps us reduce the total carbon footprint in half!

We use sustainable fabrics for our products and both recycled and up-cycled packaging, which means there is a chance the packaging of some orders (such as bamboo straws) may contain some pieces of plastic to prevent them from getting damaged, but don't worry! Any piece of plastic we may use is always up-cycled!

ALL proceeds help fund Animal Rights and Environmental Activism. In 2020, our aim is to support a project that consists of giving around 80 lectures in universities, schools and businesses about Animal Exploitation & Sustainability.

Please visit this website to if you wish to support or read more information on this project.

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